Dangdut, Indonesian Local Music and Dillemas

    When you typed "Dangdut" on Google, you'll find various video on you tube. Most of them connect to the words erotic, porn, cheap, and other. Dangdut is consider as local music from Indonesia. This music classified by dominant instruments, flute and drums. Dangdut also known from its dance. Because of the rhythm produced by the instrument, dangdut is quite suitable to dance.This kind of genre was original comes from India music, but when it enter Indonesia or Melayu territory, it has modified. 
      Indonesia has a well known dangdut artist, such as H. Rhoma Irama, Elvie Sukaesih, Rita Sugiarto, Mansyur .S, Meggy Z, etc. But those artist is already senior, some of them already passed away. Dangdut has to face a new problem. Young generation is to shy to listen and learn about this music, and old generation is no longer capable with technology. Now days, its hard to find dangdut artist with special skill. In the other hand, this music has decreased image in society. Mass media seem not to interest to hire dangdut singer. And most of them has difficulty to share their ability to society. 
     These problem make SP Musik, one of the dangdut artist management think very hard, about finding solution on how dangdut can survive in local and spread into international area.  We have a lot of talented artist around of Indonesia and technology. We want to used it and contribute to Indonesia dangdut by providing a high quality dangdut artist in singing skill and attitude.

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